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City of Doral Green Master Plan

ILER PLANNING is a leader in sustainable community planning. Formed in 1994 by Henry Iler, AICP, with a core commitment to improve communities, the firm has expanded that vision in successfully serving many cities and counties in South Florida and providing them with quality  services in the following areas:

  • Green Master Plans
  • Comprehensive Plans
  • Planning and Zoning Review
  • Smart Development Codes
  • Community Redevelopment
  • Green City/County Certifications
  • Expert Testimony. 

At ILER PLANNING our success is measured only by how much we exceed the expectations of our clients. A critical foundation of our proven approach is the development of plans and codes that are practical, feasible, sustainable and able to be implemented using available existing resources. We don’t do “shelf plans” or “vision plans” that don’t show concrete and beneficial results for a community for years after completion.

Our “TEAM” on any project includes the entire community — government, residents, businesses and seasonal visitors.  We want the neighborhoods and employers in a community to play a key role in developing ‘their’ plans and codes, and, using the latest social networking and facilitation techniques, we do everything possible to make that happen.

More recently, ILER PLANNING has pioneered the unique “green master planning” approach which enables a community — in a common sense format —  to effectively address all of the many ways its government and citizens it can slash greenhouse gas emissions, conserve resources and save money. Our double award-winning Green Master Plan for the City of Doral, Florida is an excellent example of this innovative concept.  

Welcome to our website and we hope you have the time to further explore our services and qualifications within. 

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