Patrick N. Iler, MESP

Patrick N. Iler, MESP

Patrick N. Iler, MESP

Environmental and Resiliency Specialist



  • Master of Environmental Science and Policy
  • GPA: 3.8, Merit scholarship recipient
  • Relevant Coursework: Microeconomics and Policy Analysis, Financial Management, Sustainability Finance, Hydrology, Toxicology and Risk Assessment, Climatology, Environmental Chemistry
  • Research: Reviving of the Fertile Crescent – the Modernizing Syrian Water Management and Pacifying Civil War


  • Bachelor of Sciences, Environmental Science
  • Relevant Coursework: Oceanography, Geology, Spatial Data Analysis, Coral Reef Ecology
  • Leadership Roles: Principal Urban Ecology Researcher


ILER PLANNING April 2016 – Present

Environmental and Resiliency Specialist Stuart, FL

  • Researched existing sustainability initiatives and developed baseline assessment of programs. Grading system of assessment was later adopted into the firm’s green master planning process.
  • Designed Five-Year Green Improvement Program for GMP and visualized the data using InDesign and Excel. Subsequent table was used in final master plan to detail annual milestones for progress tracking.
  • Currently involved in re-certification of the City of Doral as a Green City via the Florida Green Building Coalition through documentation of sustainability initiatives.

NET IMPACT September 2017 – December 2017

Energy Analyst New York, NY

With a team of eight graduate students, evaluated Blue Point Brewing Company’s planned scaling up of energy efficiency operations and optimized production for additional sustainability initiatives.

  • Composed diversified energy portfolio. Utilized renewable energy credits and biogas digesters to lower projected carbon footprint by 30%.
  • Constructed eight different Helioscope models to understand the feasibility of rooftop solar energy generation. Developed the correct solar panel configuration that went on to power the 60,000 ft2 facility.
  • Contributed to a 34-page report detailing the findings. Delivered the findings to the client with 15 staff members in attendance.


Environmental Consultant West Palm Beach, FL

Family Lands Remembered is a strategic consulting firm that specializes in land use and environmental planning. Managed portfolio of conservation projects as a private landowner representative to state and federal agencies.

  • Conducted policy research of the 14,000 acre-feet Water Supply Storage Reservoir project for the South Florida Water Management District. Personal research contribution resulted in state government allocation of $65 million.
  • Oversaw a 1600-acre Rural and Family Lands Protection Program conservation easement to completion. As Project Manager, ensured 100% government compliance with the US Fish and Wildlife Service.
  • Assisted in budget development of Aquifer Recharge Wetlands Project with the Tampa Bay Water Authority. Budget document was finalized within two drafts, and process was later used in other firm projects.
  • Represented the firm as a member on the Peninsular Florida Landscape Conservation Cooperative, as an advisory board under the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Youngest sitting member in the board’s history.
  • Planned the Sustainable Water Resource Roundtable Annual Conference, in conjunction with the Florida Earth Foundation. Popularity of the conference and its speakers warranted shifting to a larger venue.


  • Language: Spanish (Professional Fluency)
  • Technical Skills: MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), ArcGIS, STATA, WordPress, InDesign/Photoshop

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